Folding UV-C Disinfection Lamp


UV-C Led is proven to be the best disinfection against bacterial diseases
With CE guarantee
No use of chemicals or irritants
Easy to use compact and handy
Portable so you can disinfect any surface wherever you are.


How does the ultraviolet disinfection lamp work?

Based on the ability of organisms to be destroyed by a certain type of ultraviolet rays, these lamps are capable of breaking down cellular DNA, so they are able to eliminate microorganisms.

Basically, it is a sterilizer – normally made of a material such as stainless steel – in which there is a glass tube that, in turn, protects the ultraviolet disinfection lamp from coming into contact with water.

Its operation is very simple: the lamp destroys all types of microorganisms that may have survived the previous filtrations.

What are the advantages of ultraviolet disinfection lamps?

When comparing ultraviolet disinfection lamps with other water purification systems, these are their advantages with respect to the latter:

It is much more effective in destroying viruses and micro-organisms than chlorine, so it gives more reliable and safe results.
It is a long-lasting equipment, so it is a very profitable system. In addition, they are easy to install and require simple maintenance.
The use of chemicals for disinfection is avoided, as they do not add taste or smell to the water, as is the case with chlorine.

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