Disposable protective mask DESIGN for Adult 50 units


Outer layer DESIGN

Polypropylene Fabric
Effectively blocks any droplets
Water resistant treatment

Intermediate Filter

Woven fabric
Filters particles from the air
Mask for medical use YY_T0969-2013
Standard filtering effect BFE 99%

Inner layer

Woven polypropylene
Absorbs warm air from the body achieving a smooth and soft skin

*Sold in boxes that include 50 units

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Structure :
Consists of a central body with a nose clip and a mask made of a fine woven fabric folded ultrasonically.

Blocking particles:
Bacteria, dust, sneezing, sputum, etc.

Medical material grade BFE99 filter fabric, non-allergenic.

Instructions for use :

Put the mask with the DESIGN in front and cover nose and mouth.
Place the elastic band over the ears and adjust the coverage of the bridge of the nose in a comfortable way by pulling the mask until it also covers the chin.
Discard after use.

This product is for single use only.
Washing will cause it to lose its protective effectiveness.

Packaging :

Storage conditions:
Must be stored in a dry and cool place away from heat sources, avoiding sunlight.

Quality certificate:


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