Measuring system: Contactless
Measuring distance: 1-10 cm
Body temperature: 35-43ºC
Resolution: 0.1
Automatic switch-off: 10 s.
Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

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The most important features of these thermometers you should know before choosing a sound:

Professional or personal quality:

There are types of thermometers, which are intended for personal use by a doctor, and can be used to measure the body temperature of humans and others that are general purpose, industrial type to measure high temperatures in large areas. distance, for example, the teacher has a professional quality but a very reasonable price for everyone.

Precision to know how to act in case of a possible fever

It is a factor indicated by the manufacturer that can be used to give an idea of the quality of the medicine. In this type of device, it must be at + – 0.3 degrees, which is a distinguishable difference.

Remember that when measuring distance and contact, you can vary the measurements from a conventional thermometer with mercury, even if it is not so different, even if it is a quality model.

Illuminated display to see the temperature of the thermometer

This aspect is especially important in personal thermometers that will allow you to measure the temperature at any time, even at night. Displays are often coloured to indicate different temperature levels and to visually tell when it’s cold.

Size of the thermometer to take with you

Another aspect you can check is the size, there are several models, and if there is a standard, you can see that there are some pocket shapes, which can be carried anywhere without problems, because they are small.

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